What we do

The right people to help you get the right research results

First and foremost, we’re a people business. Our primary service is to provide you with the right research groups and product testing panels to help you gain a better understanding of your customers, strengthen your business strategy and ultimately achieve a better ROI.

We have built up a comprehensive ‘People’s Panel’ made up of individuals from virtually every demographic and we continue to recruit from all age groups, geographical location and ethnic backgrounds. From this comprehensive base, we’re able to work closely with your organisation to understand your needs and then assemble, recruit, screen and supply a bespoke panel that perfectly matches your requirements.

Our core services at a glance. . .

We help companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes to achieve better business outcomes through improved customer insight and research via:

Recruitment of focus groups

Cherry Cube can find, screen and organise the right number of people with the right profile, whenever and wherever you need them, helping you to gather invaluable information and feedback, efficiently and effectively. <Read more>

Sourcing of product testers

We’re agile enough to source the right combinations of people to help you evaluate your products properties and performance at every stage, helping you make informed decisions about your products development and maximise its success in the future. <Read more>

Provision of market surveys and product intelligence

We help all sizes of business - from SMEs to multi-nationals. We’re able to put together reliable research teams and conduct research both at your premises and in the field, to help you gather market knowledge, understand the aspirations and values of current and prospective customers, and maintain a competitive edge. <Read more>

Plus additional services including. . .

  • Customer perception and employee surveys
  • Market and competitor intelligence
  • Customer data management

Our process of selection

Helping you to obtain quality, meaningful insights and research data begins with us obtaining a little insight of our own. By talking with you, fully understanding your brief and getting ‘under the skin’ of your requirements, we can supply an exceptionally effective research solution.

Importantly, because we are completely independent, we ensure our clients can receive total confidence in the results they receive, that then help them improve their products and services.

We utilise experienced and professional interviewers who are experienced in CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) and PAPI (Paper Assisted Personal Interviewing) methodology. We also have key partners supporting us with market-leading CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) capability if required.

Our tailored customer insight programmes are designed to help you capture ongoing data and information, make informed strategic decisions, react effectively to real-time issues, identify drivers and barriers to buying and ultimately gain a better understanding of your customers.