Delivering Product Testing, Focus Groups and Market Research Fieldwork across East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire

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At Cherry Cube we’ve recruited a comprehensive ‘People’s Panel’, comprising hundreds of quality participants from across our region. This enables us to accommodate the needs of clients who require Product Testing, Focus Groups and Market Research Fieldwork, for a wide range of products and services.

We work with all sizes of company from major consumer brands to SMEs and they choose Cherry Cube because we’re seen as a reliable partner, experienced in recruiting suitable people from the required demographic at short notice, helping our clients avoid potential delays with projects.

If you’re a company with questions, we’re here to help you find the answers. . .

We know that for any business or organisation, good market and product intelligence is key. We offer expertise in 3 focused areas of research:

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If you’re an individual who would like to join one of our panels or research groups we’d love to hear from you. . .

Being part of a Focus Group, Product Testing Panel or Market Research Network is a vital role. The quality of the people on our teams underpins the quality of the service that we offer our clients.

If you have time available and would like to be considered please get in touch. We are continuously developing our Peoples Panel so always looking for recruits. Register Here