Not Dull In Hull

Although many of us work, live, study or do business in this fair city of ours what exactly do we know about Hull, its future and what do we need to be shouting about?

Ok, so we may not be as cool and hip as London, we don’t have the canals and the buzz of Manchester (yet) and unlike Leeds we sure as heck don’t have a Harvey Nichols. But Hull my friends, is on the up! After all, we must have something to have fended off the likes of Leicester and Dundee for our City of Culture bid right? Hell yeah…

  • The Deep (where you can have special tours and eat in their underwater restaurant)
  • Ferens Gallery (Seen some of the awesome David Hockney’s work among other greats there)
  • Hull Truck Theatre (yes we like the Theatre here in Hull too)
  • Beautiful Trinity Church, the largest parish church in the UK
  • The Port, you can actually hop over to Amsterdam or Bruge any day you fancy
  • Fantastic Restaurants such as Henry Yeast, 1884 and Cerutti to name but a few

What about business and commerce?

Hull has recently received over £190 million of investment from Siemens to build wind turbine construction and installation facilities bringing with it jobs, opportunities and a stable financial future, not only that, Hull is a vital learning and research hub for both the food industry and Green Energy industry.

Did you know?

  • Humber businesses have been repeatedly recognized for their role in helping grow the UK economy since the crash of 2007
  • Hull has more cold storage facilities than anywhere else in the UK
  • 70% of fish processing in the UK happens here in Hull
  • Hull is home to the UK’s premier food research facility and team at the University of Hull
  • 2 million Yorkshire puddings leave the Aunt Bessie’s factory in Hull each day

So, with all this and more to offer both now and in the next year, its time we shouted out about this city of ours that is on the ‘up’ once more, looking forward to a bright and vibrant future with a population proud to call it ‘Home’.

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