Focus Groups - The Basics

Did you know that social scientists invented the concept of focus groups in the 1940’s to record and measure the effect of morale films during WW2? Today of course they are widely used by both multinational businesses and SME’s in order to ensure their relevance in their chosen marketplace.

Here at Cherrycube we run focus groups that could take any or all of the following forms;

  • 1-2-1 and group Interviews
  • Written Surveys
  • Polling to track customer/demographic opinion

Before any such activity is undertaken, Cherrycube will work with you to understand the key steps in order for any research or focus activity to gleam the correct intelligence for you to take the next step forward.

What are the steps?

  • Who is your target customer/demographic?
  • Decide on the key outcomes/information you require?
  • Select the right questions in order to get the information you require?
  • Organise location/venue for your demographic
  • If necessary provide refreshments for your group – a bored, hungry or thirsty group is not an effective group and will get very different results
  • Record all activity to revisit in case there are things missed

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